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Healing Paths

Our ability to lead in Holistic Healing is due to the innovative ways we deliver. Browse our services to see what path is best for you.



Not sure what path is best and need us to assist?

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Mindfulness Meditation, Binaural Sound, Emotion Balancing, Grief and Anger Management, Brain Recovery, ADD/ADHD testing, IEP advocacy, Social Integration, Self-Love and Relationship mastering, Mind vacationing.

Luxury Beach House

Travel with Us!

Did you know our members earn travel points on their healing paths? Many earning an annual healing vacation.



DNA Restoration, Prevention and Recovery, Fitness and Nutrition, Medication Management, Wealth Education, Sensory Healing, Herbal Medicines, Physical Therapy

Medical Touch

Heal Well!

Our members benefit from access to our many professionals providing addiction and recovery, marriage counseling, victim advocacy, student education advocacy and elder-care services to name a few.

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Life coaching, Aura cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Akashic records, Karma Alignment, Music/Arts, Astrology/Cardology, Faith-Bases, and Group and Community Support.

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Spirit Aligning is Vital

Fun Fact: Did you know that all ailments begin in the ethereal (air) before it becomes physical (matter).

Spirit aligning utilize ethereal management tools to cleanse, clear and keep debris-free our magnetic energy fields.

Key Phrase: Magnetic Energy Fields- the body's multi electrical system connected to every organ, cell, and atom. 

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee the highest level of  holistic service and care for our members! 

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